Welcome to unique hand made jewellery

I have a love of all things crystal and angel and with this in mind when I decided to start designing jewellery it made perfect to blend these two ideals.

All my jewellery has special meaning to me as I make it as a part of my own self care regime. I love creating things and it relaxes me after I have been in clinic with my clients. I am a counsellor and life coach and have a special interest in anxiety and trauma. So most of my bracelets are designed to help ground the wearer and some even have messages on them to help remind anxiety suffers to breathe and ground.

Primarily I use lavastone for its grounding properties but additionally it is a porous stone which means it doubles as an infuser for essential oils, just put a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil on to the lavastone bead and benefit from the subtle relaxing aroma it emits.